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Just for you

Five years ago I was out of shape, overweight and stressed from moving our family of 6.  Although we didn’t move far it was a huge deal since there are 6 of us and we had lived our home for 14 years.  We moved from French Village to Hampton,  all 6 of us and 14 years of junk…uh…I mean…stuff.

We saw a flyer for the Hampton 5-miler at a local restaurant.  I declared to my family that I was goign to do that race.  The reply was…..

“We don’t run!”  To which I replied, “I will learn”

I proceeded to go online and found a running program from couch to 5K.  My training began.  My husband and best friend (both non-runners) decided to join me in the journey.It was slow going at first until we found a rhythm and comfort zone.  In the beginning we walked more than we ran…a one minute interval seemed like an eternity.  This was in May.  By July we saw the progress, we were running longer and walking less.  By August we were ready.

Race day came and we awoke to the remnants of a hurricane blowing through Hampton.  It was raining hard and the winds were high.  It was a turning point for all of us.

Do we abandon ship and not race after months of preparation?
Do we walk it and say there that was done?
Do we go out and run the best we can no matter the conditions?

We raced!!  Each of finished the 5 mile race running at a pace that was not too bad considering it was our first attempt and the weather conditions.

Why am I telling this story?
Healthy lifestyles don’t begin easily and requires much perseverance.  Begin with baby steps.  There will be times when you don’t feel like it.  Presevere!  There will be times when you wonder it is worth it.  You are worth it!

On another note, healthy lifestyles also include a component of relaxation.  This means taking time for yourself.  My form of relaxation varies depending on my mood.  I like to scrapbooking, make cards, knit, and journal.  All of these activities help relax my mind and “take me away” from my to do lists for just a little while.  I always feel refreshed.

What do you like to do for relaxation?  Take a walk, ski, bike, kayak, sew, knit, paint?

I challenge you to add something “just for you” to your healthy lifestyle.