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Getting and Staying Organized

Getting and staying organized

It seems as we get more electronic devices and services (FB, twitter, email), it is getting harder to stay organized.  Over the past 3 months, Nicky and I have been trying to be more disciplined to stay organized across family activities, work and business needs.
A great book that we have read is Getting Things Done by David Allen. David lays out his system for handling and organizing work.  There are lots of resources on his website if you don’t have time to read the book.  There is also a LinkedIn group on Getting Things Done which shares tools and tricks. 


One of the key elements of this system is your To Do or Task list where you capture and sort what you have to do.  We are using Toodledo for this which syncs across our laptops, ipads and iphones.  We have a paid subscription for $15 per year so we can share tasks with each other but the free version is excellent for one user.  Toodledo sorts and ranks items using the David Allen method.  Toodledo gives you a unique email address so you can forward emails directly to your To Do list and they are added as a task.

We have also been using Evernote to store reports and notes.  This system also syncs across laptops and devices like the iphone and ipad so you always have access to your data.  Evernote also gives you an email to forward data directly into it and documents are also available when you are offline.

Nicky and I meet every Monday for a weekly review (another Getting Things Done element) to make sure we have things organized and planned for the following 2 to 3 weeks. So far, these systems have been helpful and are a big part of helping things run smoothly.

Now I can check my blog off my Toodledo list and move on to the next task :-).

Let us know what you are using for tips and tricks to stay organized.