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I have been looking at the inspiration for art journals for months.  You can see some of this inspiration on my pinterest board  One type of  journals I like are the ones using day-timers or calendars.  Yesterday, I decided it was time for me to start a new journal.  I was off to purchase a book when I remembered the CTMH My Crush books I already owned … use what I have!

042 – My Crush Modville Beauty

The My Crush book has 60 pages of heavy cardstock paper inside.  Perfect for the mixed media I wanted to do. The pages will wrinkle a bit when you add paint and dry them but I am OK with this as I think it adds to the look.

I divided the book into weekly and monthly calendar space.  Rather than go backwards and spend a lot of time creating art for January to April I decide to do a 2 page spread for those months and capture quick details for those months and move ahead with May.  The calendar I created for April includes gelatos, watercolor crayons and a sharpie.  As you can see this is a work in progress…


For May I chose to add a flip out page for the monthly calendar and then the weekly portion will follow.  For the Calendar I added small pieces of scrapbook paper and then added white gesso on top of the paper to form a “grid”.  I also used white gesso to prep the surface of the paper on the left as this was a file folder that was cut down to fit the page.  White gesso is a great product for prepping a surface.  I used watercolors and sharpies to finish the page.  Although I know I will add more as the month goes on.




For the weekly portion I swiped white gesso onto the page in 7 strips to create the seven days of the week.  I painted on top of stickers, then removed the sticker to create the last few days of April.  For the May numbers I used chipboard numbers that I colored with a marker.  This is where I will add a few journal items to the page in the form of pictures and words and maybe even ticket stubs, receipts or business cards.




May 1, 2014 at 10:52 pm

Love it and cannot wait to start mine!!!

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