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Making Progress

Wow. It’s February already. Where the heck did January go?  We had a busy month with kids skating and the business. We saw a number of teams at Timeless Cottage in January holding sessions to strategize, plan and align. Is your team organized for success in 2013?

Here are a couple of easy tools you can use with your team to help organize goals and tasks – SMART and RASCI.

SMART is about how you set a goal. The acronym stands for ;

Specific – the goal has to have some details (ex increase sales in NB)
Measurable  – you need to be able to measure if you made it (ex increase of 10% over 2012)
Attainable  – the goal needs to be possible to achieve so it is not a demotivator
Relevant – it needs to matter to improving your business or organization
Time bound – when you want your goal completed (ex achieved in Q1 or in 2013)

Here is a great blog by Sydni Craig-Hart that explains more detail about SMART.


RASCI is for clearly assigning the various roles to a team so people are clear what they are supposed to do. This stands for

Responsible – who is responsible to complete the task or project
Approve – who approves the budget and makes the final decision (often the manager of R)
Support – who does the R need to help them with the task with time commitments
Consult – who does R need to get input from
Inform – who needs to be informed of the progress or decision

Here is a link to a Wikipedia article that explains more detail as well as other variations such as RACI and CAIRO.  This may seem like a lot of effort in starting a task or project but if the roles are clearly defined, you avoid misalignment later.  An example is whether someone merely needs to be informed or they should have been more deeply involved in the process.  Agreeing on those roles at the beginning is more productive.

Hopefully these tools can help you and your teams better accomplish your goals in 2013.