Let’s get started

It’s a new year and it is time to get started on this year’s photos. I thought I would share how I organize my photos and prepare them for scrapbooking.

I take most of my photos with my phone which syncs whenever I am on wifi with two services iCloud photos and google photos. I pay a small fee for extra storage with iCloud so that I am confident I have an exact copy of all my photos, which is currently over 69,000 photos. I also sync to google photos for free. While these are slightly lower quality images they are good enough to view digitally and print 4×6.

Let’s get started with January 2018 photos. I start with my computer but you could easily do this with your phone. I work month by month through my photos. This allows me to work with small chunks of time and photos. I begin my going through each photo and deciding whether I should:

  1. Keep the photo digitally only
  2. Make edits to the photo if necessary. Crop, Fix red eye, improve lighting, etc
  3. Print the photo, in which case I favorite it. On an iPhone do this by selecting the heart icon.
  4. Delete the photo
  5. Send the favourited photos to print or print at home.

As I go through my photos I like to record information about the photos in a notebook so that I can keep track of which ones I have printed and which ones I have scrapbooked. Below is a photo of one of those notebook pages: P = printed, S = scrapbooked.

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