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2015 in review

Happy New Year from the Scott Family!  Bring on 2016!!

The year 2015 has been interesting.  I am choosing the word Trust for 2015. There were many times when I had to tell myself to trust!  I have much to be thankful!

I thought it would be fun to write down the highs and the lows from 2015.


  • Shelby turns 11
  • Speed skating


  • Colton turns 17, Chandler turns 19 and I turn 45
  • Shelby performs in A Bit of Disney


  • Enjoyed a family vacation to Florida
  • Mom undergoes surgery for her back.  This surgery goes well but the recovery after does not go so well.  Little did we know that how this would change our worlds.
  • Chandler qualifies for Juniors in Speed Skating in Toronto


  • Colton (prince), Carter (baker, mouse) and Shelby (Young Cinderella) perform in HHS production of Cinderella
  • Chandler returns home after completing year 1 at UNB
  • Chandler makes the Dean’s List
  • Shelby & Carter perform at the Music Festival – Shelby wins and performs at the April Mills concert, Carter wins and performs at Provincials


  • Chandler begins work at IOL
  • Colton, Carter & Shelby perform at A Bit of Broadway


  • Colton completes Grade 11
  • Carter completes Grade 10
  • Shelby completes Grade 5
  • We decide to close Timeless Cottage
  • I (#1) completed the Hampton Ladies Triathlon
  • Chandler (his first one) and I (#2) completed the Gagetown Sprint Triathlon
  • Kevin completed his first Duathlon in Gagetown
  • Kevin enjoys seeing Zac Brown in Bangor
  • Carter summer job is at St Paul’s Hampton church
  • Colton returns to Camp Medley as a counsellor
  • Shelby joins the Hampton swim team


  • Kevin and I spend a week in California so I can attend the CTMH convention
  • Chandler (#2) and I (#3) complete the St Andrews Sprint Triathlon
  • Kevin completes his first 10km in St Andrews
  • Chandler (#3) and I (#4) complete the Rockwood Sprint Triathlon
  • Kevin (#2) completes the Rockwood Duathlon
  • Kevin and I are surprised with tickets from our kids to see Journey in Moncton


  • Mom is finally released from hospital
  • Mom & Dad move to their new home at the Chateau Du Champlain
  • Shelby competes in Rockwood Kids of Steel
  • I swam 3km in the Sea Dogs Big Dog swim
  • Kevin and I celebrate 23 years of marriage


  • Family shopping trip to Portland ME
  • Colton begins his final year of high school
  • Chandler returns to Fredericton to begin second year in Kinesiology
  • Kevin and I complete the Hampton 5 miler


  • Kevin, Chandler and I (my first) complete Sweet Caroline 10km run
  • Shelby completes the 2km Sweet Caroline
  • Colton and Carter received academic awards for honours in 2014-15


  • Shelby (Munchkins, Niko-the flying monkey) preforms in SJTC Wizard of Oz
  • Speed Skating is in full swing


  • Colton (Matthew Cuthbert), Carter (Charlie Sloan, President of Queens) & Shelby (Minnie May Barry) perform in HHS production of Anne of Green Gables
  • I begin a new job with St Paul’s Anglican church
  • I have two glorious weeks with our family together
  • For the first time in many years I mail my Christmas cards after Christmas….good thing we celebrate Christmas until Epiphany on Jan 6



Denise Myles
January 2, 2016 at 9:28 am

Definitely an eventful year for your family! But it seems like every year is for you guys. Your family knows how to LIVE and LOVE. I pray God blesses you all in 2016! ♡

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