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2015 in review

Happy New Year from the Scott Family!  Bring on 2016!!

The year 2015 has been interesting.  I am choosing the word Trust for 2015. There were many times when I had to tell myself to trust!  I have much to be thankful!

I thought it would be fun to write down the highs and the lows from 2015.


  • Shelby turns 11
  • Speed skating


  • Colton turns 17, Chandler turns 19 and I turn 45
  • Shelby performs in A Bit of Disney


  • Enjoyed a family vacation to Florida
  • Mom undergoes surgery for her back.  This surgery goes well but the recovery after does not go so well.  Little did we know that how this would change our worlds.
  • Chandler qualifies for Juniors in Speed Skating in Toronto


  • Colton (prince), Carter (baker, mouse) and Shelby (Young Cinderella) perform in HHS production of Cinderella
  • Chandler returns home after completing year 1 at UNB
  • Chandler makes the Dean’s List
  • Shelby & Carter perform at the Music Festival – Shelby wins and performs at the April Mills concert, Carter wins and performs at Provincials


  • Chandler begins work at IOL
  • Colton, Carter & Shelby perform at A Bit of Broadway


  • Colton completes Grade 11
  • Carter completes Grade 10
  • Shelby completes Grade 5
  • We decide to close Timeless Cottage
  • I (#1) completed the Hampton Ladies Triathlon
  • Chandler (his first one) and I (#2) completed the Gagetown Sprint Triathlon
  • Kevin completed his first Duathlon in Gagetown
  • Kevin enjoys seeing Zac Brown in Bangor
  • Carter summer job is at St Paul’s Hampton church
  • Colton returns to Camp Medley as a counsellor
  • Shelby joins the Hampton swim team


  • Kevin and I spend a week in California so I can attend the CTMH convention
  • Chandler (#2) and I (#3) complete the St Andrews Sprint Triathlon
  • Kevin completes his first 10km in St Andrews
  • Chandler (#3) and I (#4) complete the Rockwood Sprint Triathlon
  • Kevin (#2) completes the Rockwood Duathlon
  • Kevin and I are surprised with tickets from our kids to see Journey in Moncton


  • Mom is finally released from hospital
  • Mom & Dad move to their new home at the Chateau Du Champlain
  • Shelby competes in Rockwood Kids of Steel
  • I swam 3km in the Sea Dogs Big Dog swim
  • Kevin and I celebrate 23 years of marriage


  • Family shopping trip to Portland ME
  • Colton begins his final year of high school
  • Chandler returns to Fredericton to begin second year in Kinesiology
  • Kevin and I complete the Hampton 5 miler


  • Kevin, Chandler and I (my first) complete Sweet Caroline 10km run
  • Shelby completes the 2km Sweet Caroline
  • Colton and Carter received academic awards for honours in 2014-15


  • Shelby (Munchkins, Niko-the flying monkey) preforms in SJTC Wizard of Oz
  • Speed Skating is in full swing


  • Colton (Matthew Cuthbert), Carter (Charlie Sloan, President of Queens) & Shelby (Minnie May Barry) perform in HHS production of Anne of Green Gables
  • I begin a new job with St Paul’s Anglican church
  • I have two glorious weeks with our family together
  • For the first time in many years I mail my Christmas cards after Christmas….good thing we celebrate Christmas until Epiphany on Jan 6


2 thoughts on “2015 in review

  1. Denise Myles

    Definitely an eventful year for your family! But it seems like every year is for you guys. Your family knows how to LIVE and LOVE. I pray God blesses you all in 2016! ♡